Let’s learn how to greet each other and how to reply!

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Welcome; hello:  ahlan wa sahlan or simply ahlan أهلا وسهل – اهلآ

 ahlan bī-ka/ki  أهلا بك

Welcome; hello: marHaban  مرحبا
You can reply with: marHaban bī-ka/i  مرحبا بك
  مرحبا you can find in a lot of tourist signs

[1]السلام عليكم 
Hello: as-salāmu 3alaykum – lit. the Peace (be) upon you 
You can reply:  wa 3alaykum[2] as-salām  وعليكم السلام
This is a common greeting used by Muslims.

You can also add the expression referring to God:

raHmatullahi wa barakatuhu: May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you

  و رحمة الله و بركاته

Good morning: (SabāH al-khayr)  صباح الخير
You can reply:  (SabāH an-nūr)  صباح النور

evening – مساء
Good evening:مساء الخير
You can reply: (masā’ an-nūr)مساء النور

(masā’ al-ward) مساء الورد

Good night:  (tuSbaH 3ala Khayr) – lit. Wake up healthy  تصبح على خير
You can reply:  وانت من أهله

Restful night layla murīH ليلة مريحة

Goodbye: ma3a s-salāma -lit. Go in peace  مع السلامة

You can also can say “salām” or “as-salāmu 3aleikum” at the moment of leaving.

Literally: to the (next) rendez-vous, encounterإلى اللقاء

[1]There are many verses in the Qur’an referring to this word

You can find the word  salāmu in verses: 6:54; 14:23; 24:61; 39:73

[2]You can find a “3” as translitteration of the letter ʿayn on the web, i.e. on Facebook an Youtube commentaries

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