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Lesson 1 Greetings

Let’s learn how to greet each other and how to reply!

You can find the pdf version to download for free at the bottom of the homepage, under the heading Articoli

Welcome; hello:  ahlan wa sahlan or simply ahlan أهلا وسهل – اهلآ

 ahlan bī-ka/ki  أهلا بي

Welcome; hello: marHaban  مرحبا
You can reply with: marHaban bī-ka/i  مرحبا بيك
  مرحبا you can find in a lot of tourist signs

[1]السلام عليكم 
Hello: as-salāmu 3alaykum – lit. the Peace (be) upon you 
You can reply:  wa 3alaykum[2] as-salām  وعليكم السلام
This is a common greeting used by Muslims.

You can also add the expression referring to God:

raHmatullahi wa barakatuhu: May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you

  و رحمة الله و بركاته

Good morning: (SabāH al-khayr)  صباح الخير
You can reply:  (SabāH an-nūr)  صباح النور

evening – مساء
Good evening:مساء الخير
You can reply: (masā’ an-nūr)مساء النور

(masā’ al-ward) مساء الورد

Good night:  (tuSbaH 3ala Khayr) – lit. Wake up healthy  تصبح على خير
You can reply:  وانت من أهله

Restful night layla murīH ليلة مريحة

Goodbye: ma3a s-salāma -lit. Go in peace  مع السلامة

You can also can say “salām” or “as-salāmu 3aleikum” at the moment of leaving.

Literally: to the (next) rendez-vous, encounterإلى اللقاء

[1]There are many verses in the Qur’an referring to this word

You can find the word  salāmu in verses: 6:54; 14:23; 24:61; 39:73

[2]You can find a “3” as translitteration of the letter ʿayn on the web, i.e. on Facebook an Youtube commentaries

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