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A millennial language whose vocabulary is an ocean of words and written masterpiece!

In the Arabic language the word dictionary is translated as قاموس, qāmūs, from the ancient Greek ὠκεανός, ōkeanós, thus becoming synonymous with the word ocean to identify the vastness of the words that make up this wonderful Semitic language.

Traveling, changing country, moving to work and communicating with simplicity thanks to the knowledge of the native language makes the difference in the way you interact: barriers and borders fall, in an increasingly interconnected world. It is not just about language learning: every language is a door that opens up to a world, to a culture.

An exciting experience, not without difficulties that leads to endless roads, within itself and in the world.

Furthermore, the languages ​​we speak shape our way of thinking, opening us to completely new and unexpected ideas and concepts, enriching our vision of the world.

“For the journey to become a cognitive experience, train yourself to pick up messages. You have to cultivate the istid’dad, a state of readiness, whispered in my ear Jasmina (…). The most valuable baggage that foreigners carry is their difference. And if you focus on the divergent and the dissimilar, you will also have illuminations “

Fatema Mernissi, “The Harem and the West”

Learn Arabic without difficulty with a trained tutor who always follows you!

Do not miss the precious gift of learning a language! Meet the teacher best suited to you and your needs and set off for a new challenge!

The teaching method

Each student needs his own study program and his own language learning method.

Nowadays, the available tools are much more numerous, detailed and multimedial than in the past. This allows you to learn in a more dynamic and multifaceted way, but above all gives the possibility to identify and choose which method is most suited to each individual

The mnemonic approach, for example, can be preferred for some students and for certain languages ​​with a more complex structure; while active learning can be the most suitable for languages ​​related to others.

For these reasons it is always recommended to determine one’s own path through the tools and experience provided by the teacher;

Who are the Learning_Languages_Worldwide courses for?

Commercial agents and multinational companies expanding towards Arab markets

University students who need support to face the exams with an adequate preparation both for the written exam and for the oral ones

Curious and intellectually smart personalities, who like to understand the world through an awareness acquired through their own study


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