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Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy refers to the writing of the Arabic language, but not only.

Over the centuries, from Andalusia to Iran, passing through Turkey, various populations adopted the Arabic writing in their own language, influencing it and creating their own style related to geographical areas.

The Islamic expansion made the copying of the texts and the subsequent propagation necessary.

Because of the prohibition of reproducing human and animal images, calligraphy has become an instrument of Arabic-Islamic artistic elaboration, used for the expression of proverbs, poems or as a purely decorative element.

Still visible in the pictorial and architectural arts, such as kufic engravings in palaces and mosques.

In the past, calligraphic techniques reached such a level, that it became a precious art reserved for those who could study their features. The work of calligraphers was therefore fundamental to reproduce and perpetrate this technique over time.
Modern calligraphers devoted themselves instead to the invention of new tools and styles.

Below there are the internal arches of the fountain located in the courtyard of the mosque of Gazi Husrev mosque, in Sarajevo

Kufic Style
Eastern kufic
Geometrical kufic
Ornamental kufic

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